Motorhead Themed Triumph Trident.

Towards the end of 2008 i was contacted by Tim Butcher of Motorhead and asked if i would take on the job of painting a bike for the band to use in Lemmy the movie that was half way through being filmed at the time.

Well i was hardly likely to say no, and as i had been looking for ways to push the business more into the air brush side of things this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

The bike is a Triumph Trident, an unlikely bike for this kind of project, but it was a refreshing change from all the Choppers and Harley’s you normally see being used. The bike is Tim’s personal bike so it was important that it would be some thing he could live with after the film was shot, he gave me some basic out lines of what he wanted but left me pretty much to my own devices.. a brave man.

It was tricky getting it all right as the image i had in my head some times did not match what Tim had in his, and it took a few modifications but we have hit common ground and Tim is pleased with the finished result.

Check out Lemmy’s signature on the tail piece, yes that is genuine.. !

I have been out for a blast with Tim and his newly painted machine and despite the crappy weather, it does look stunning if i say so myself.

I would like to thank Tim and the Motorhead crew for the opportunity to do this work for them and I am looking forward to working with Tim and the band again.

Check out these pics of the finished work.

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